We offer a good selection of trips for beginners and experienced riders alike

Trip no 1, Úlfarsfell and surrounding area

Feel the new and old time face each other while riding past the new neighbourhood in this old settlement area. Then head to the Úlfarsfell mountain and try the Icelandic horse in its ultimate surrounding.

We will start at Akurholt and ride west and towards the new neighborhood in Úlfarsárdalur. Then we will continue northwards toward the Úlfarsfell mountain and ride the hill back to Akurholt.

During the riding trip you will experience the old and the new time face each other. We will start the tour by riding past a new residential area which got hit hard in the economic crash 2008 and was kind of a ghost villages for a while but is now blooming again. Then we will turn towards the Úlfarsfell mountain and take a step back in time.

Until 1941 Iceland had almost no roads and for centuries the Icelandic horse was the only method of traveling on land. Travelers needed to trust the sure footed and rational horses during their often long trips between scattered settlements of Iceland in all kinds of weather and harsh and unforgiving nature.

On our way back to Akurholt we will ride the sides of Úlfarsfell mountain and during that part you will get to know the horse in a different situations and on different surfaces.

The riding trip takes two hours. Riding time is one hour and 15 minutes.

Experience needed: This trip suits beginners and more experienced riders alike.


Trip no 2. Hafravatn

We ride east from Akurholti and along Hafravatn lake, then head for the south and up to the Langavatn heath, for a speed date with elf’s, the hidden people and with ghosts.

This riding route is very beautiful especially in the evening and during the night. It is very quiet and you get in good connection with the nature. You will see the beautiful lake Hafravatn and then we will head to the heath. There are the habitats of elves and hidden people and a known elf home will be pointed out.

This area has lots of history, there used to be lot of farming in the area as well as important routs. But weather and nature can be quite unpredictable here in Iceland. Therefore it was not uncommon for people do get lost and sometimes not even the remains were found.

The trip takes around three hours. We recommend this trip as a midnight tour especially during the summer as it gives a unique opportunity to experience the beautiful and bright Icelandic summer night.

Experience needed: This trip suits beginners and more experienced riders alike.


Trip no 3, Úlfarsá

We ride east from Akurholt and towards Hafravatn lake, trough remains of war and self-sufficiency farming. We will cross the Úlfarsá river at a ford before heading back to Akurholt.

During this trip you will be able to see the beautiful lake Hafravatn, the surround area was an important military spot during the WW II and some believe that a lot of military equipment is to be found at the bottom of the lake.

It can be said that the WW II ended an area in Icelandic history that was characterized by self-sufficiency farming. On our trip we’ll see the remains of a farm that could not compete with the new area that took place after the WW II.

The trip takes two and a half hour.

Experience needed: This trip suits beginners and more experienced riders alike.

Trip no 4, Úlfarsfell mountain

We ride around the mountain Úlfarsfell. You will see the beautiful mountain from all sides and how it takes on various forms.

During this trip you will get a good opportunity to get to know the Icelandic horse and see how the countryside and the city meet at the mountains feet.

The trip takes two and a half hour.

Experience needed: This trip suits beginners and more experienced riders alike.

Trip no. 5 To the Top

You fancy a magnificent view of Reykjavík? Let´s climb to the top on a back of a horse. During this trip you will need to put your trust on the sure footed horse and feel it work in its authentic surrounding.

A beautiful trip that gives you the opportunity to see Reykjavík from above from one side and the beautiful mountain area in another. This trip requires a bit of an experience and trust from the rider but fits all those how have been riding horses before.

The trip takes two hours.

Experience needed: This trip suits those who have some riding experience.

Are you afraid of horses or horse riding but want to give it a try?

We offer you a special moment with the Icelandic horse where you will be introduced to its special characteristics and calmness. We welcome you for a visit where you can come to the farm, meet the horses and get some positive experience with the Icelandic horse. Please contact us for more information.


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